How To Login ? is one of the most common admin portal login addresses used by routers to manage wireless settings such as ssid name, password, guest wifi, and more. To login into  192.168.l.l  router’s admin page, hit the button below:


Note: If doesn’t work for you ? Try logging in with IP !

192.168.l.l Username & Password

Hitroncusadmin*wifi password*

Login credentials (username and password) are required to log into the router’s login admin page. One can find the router login username and password in the router’s manual or on the router itself. The credentials vary with the router brand, and there’s a possibility that someone modified the default ones !

  • 192.168.l.l
  • 192.168.l.1

Find Router IP Address

If you are not sure about your router’s default gateway, you may end up trying logging in using an incorrect login IP address resulting in no loading or blank page error. To find the router’s default gateway on different operating systems, follow the steps given below:

  •  Windows:  Run ipconfig command in cmd !
  •  macOS:  Run netstat -nr|grep default command in terminal !
  •  Linux:  Run ip route | grep default command in bash !
  •  iOS | Android:  Go to wifi settings & open wireless info !

The default gateway address of your router will be displayed, using which you can log in to your router’s admin page. Once you are familiar with the login IP address, you are good to log in to the router’s configuration panel and modify the settings you want to ! – Login (Router)

Before moving on to the login process, ensure you are connected to the wireless connection whose admin panel you are trying to access. Some people face issues when trying to access the login page as they are on mobile data (logging in using a mobile device) or connected to a different wireless connection. Make sure to avoid these confusions to access the router’s login page without any issues. Once you are good with all the requirements, follow the steps given below:

  • Use the link provided in this post’s top context to access the router’s admin login page. You can also type  or  in the browser’s URL bar manually and press enter, like in the screenshot below: login

  • It will be redirected to a login page asking for a username and password. Here enter the router’s admin panel login credentials and hit the login button: admin

  • You will be redirected to the homepage of the router’s admin panel:

router's admin panel

You will now have access to the router’s setup page where you can modify settings such as SSID settings, security, firmware updates, guest wifi, access control, and more !

Change WiFi SSID Name & Password

The most common reason behind people wanting to access the router’s admin area is to change their wireless connection’s SSID name & password. To change your wifi name & password, follow the step by step guide given below:

  • First of all, log in to the router’s admin panel !
  • Navigate to the wireless settings of the router:

wireless section

  • Find the SSID settings of your wireless connection:

  • Here you can easily modify the SSID name & password field to whatever you want. Once done, save changes, and the modifications will be applied after a reboot !

192.168.l.1 (FAQs)

  •  What is 192.168.l.l IP ? 
192.168.l.l is misspelled (incorrect) version of IP address. Many people get confused with the correct version and end up using the incorrect format resulting in a login failure. So make sure you are using the right format !
  •  How to see who’s on my wifi ? 
To see who’s on your wifi, navigate to the access control section in the router’s admin and hit the show connected devices button. The devices connected to your wifi connection will be displayed in a list with their device information !
  •  How to create a guest wifi connection ? 
To create a guest wifi connection, go to the guest wifi section in your router’s wireless settings. Enable guest network using an SSID name & password. Also, allocate the maximum number of devices allowed to be connected and save the settings. You will see a separate wifi connection available to connect !
  •  How to block someone from using my wifi connection ? 
In the access control section, show the connected devices and add the device to the managed device section to restrict it from using the internet ! To allow it again, simply remove it from the managed device list !
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