Fix The (about:blank) Page !

There’s a probability that you landed on this page after seeing  about:blank  error in your browser application and wondering what the heck it is and how to get rid of it ? This article will clear all your doubts about it and help you fix or get rid of it !

Many users get scared when they encounter the about:blank window on their computer as they misunderstand it thinking it’s a virus or malware. If you have the same thought on your mind, there’s no need to worry, and your computer is totally safe !

(about:blank) What It is Exactly ?

It’s a blank page that opens when about:blank address is entered in the browser’s URL or search bar. This address works of all popular browser apps such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome uses the about URL pattern for different functions like:

  • about:blank: Blank Page
  • about:settings: Open Chrome Settings
  • about:downloads: To View Downloads List

 Sample screenshot of about:blank page: 


The about:blank page is used as the browser’s startup page by many internet users, or sometimes it’s enabled by default. If you saw this blank page for the first time and has no idea how it came up, it might be assigned as a startup page by your browser. One can also disable it or use something else such as Google homepage if they don’t like to see the blank page every time their browser loads up !

Uses of The (about:blank) Page !

Here are the most common reasons why about:blank page occurs:

  • Browsers use about:blank page as startup page by default !
  • User have assigned this blank page as their startup page !
  • You may have clicked a broken link that no longer works !
  • The about:blank page can occur while downloading files !

There can be more reasons which can lead your browser application to the about:blank page. However, you always have an option to modify your startup page and remove the blank page. Here’s how you do it:

How To Get Rid of (about:blank) ?

Sometimes browsers use about:blank page as startup page with default settings, but if you don’t like it, you can change it from settings. To modify the default startup page of a browser, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your browser (about:settings) in Chrome:


  • Find & go to the On Startup settings section or use the search:


Here, you will have the following options, choose the one most suitable for you:

  • Open the New Tab !
  • Continue Where You Left !
  • Set Up a Specific Page !

Choose the one you prefer and the about:blank page won’t bother you again. You can also use Google’s homepage in the specific page section. Moreover, you can also open multiple pages on the browser startup by adding a set of pages in the settings !

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