Snapchat Unlock: The Ultimate Guide !

Many users get locked out of their snapchat accounts & this issue is not very uncommon as users encounter it frequently. If you, too, are locked out of your snapchat account, this article will help you unlock it with ease !

Snapchat Unlock !

Terrible things do happen in life it’s most annoying when one of your favourite social media account gets locked. Snapchat account getting restricted is quite common and can possibly happen with every other individual. If you got locked out follow the ways in the article to unlock it instead of trying fail login attempts !

Once your snapchat account is locked you will get the error message saying your snapchat account is temporarily locked as shown in the screenshot given below:

However, sometimes your account may get banned due to violating snapchat community guidelines and you won’t be able to recover it as mentioned in the snapchat’s official support article on locked accounts !

If you see a temporarily locked error, you are pretty lucky and you can unlock your account easily. Before you move on the unlock process you need to comprehend the reasons which lead to account lock on snapchat. Once you are familiar with the major reasons causing snapchat locked error, you can simply avoid them and prevent yourself being banned again !

Snapchat Locked (Reasons)

Here’s a list of some popular issues that can get your account locked:

Locked in Error: There’s a probability that your account got locked in error and there’s no need to worry. Majority of times you will get access of account back without any issues !

Use of third party plugins also mentioned on snapchat official website might get your account locked. Snapchat strictly prohibits use of plugin and tweaks and can get a permanent ban as well. Snapchat will always notify you if it detect a third party plugin !

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