How To Login ? is the router’s most commonly used default gateway, also assigned as the login IP address used to access the router setup page. One can make a necessary configuration to the wireless & router settings by logging into the router’s admin. To access the  192.168.o.1  IP login page, click the link below:


Note: If doesn’t work for you ? Try logging in with IP !

192.168.o.1 Username & Password

Hitroncusadmin*wifi password*

You will need a username & password to log in to the router configuration page. The credentials above are the most commonly used by popular router brands. If none of the above works for you, try looking in the router’s manual instead. Also, make sure you are logging in with the correct IP format. Here’s the correct & incorrect version:

  • 192.168.o.1
  • 192.168.0.l

Router Login (Features)

There are a ton of modifications that you can make to your wireless connection once you gain access to the router configuration page. The most common reason people try to log in to their router is to change their wifi password, but it is not limited to that. You can manage a lot more configurations such as SSID settings, router’s security, parental controls, software statistics, firmware updates & more. Here’s the brief description of router login features that you will be able to manage:

guest wifi

Guest WiFi

The router’s admin allows you to create an additional wifi connection for guests, known as guest wifi. Navigate to the guest wifi network in the wireless settings section to create a new guest wifi connection. Users can keep guest wifi SSID name & password different from the primary connection to maintain their privacy !

SSID Settings

Easily manage SSID settings of your wireless connection such as wifi name, password, security mode, auth mode, encrypt mode, and more !

access control

Access Control

Access control is one of the most crucial features of the router’s admin. Now administrators can control users who can access the wireless connection and use the internet. It’s helpful for parents if they want to restrict their kids’ internet usage !

firmware settings

Firmware Settings

Users can access the necessary router’s software and hardware information from the router’s admin panel. If a router supports manual software update, it can be quickly done from the software update section !

The feature list doesn’t end here; there is a lot more stuff that users can manage, such as router’s admin security settings, default gateway settings, port forwarding, and more. – Login (Router)

To access the router’s login page, tap the direct login link given in the top context of this post. You can also follow the below step by step guide:

  • Type  or  in any browser !
  • The login page asking credentials  like in the screenshot will appear:

router login page

  • Log in with the username and password of the router. Once logged in, the router configuration page will appear as shown in the screenshot given below:

router setup page

From the router setup page, navigate to the desired setting which you are willing to manage, such as wireless settings to update wifi SSID name and password or admin security settings to change router’ admin login credentials !

192.168.o.1 (FAQs)

  •  What is 192.168.o.1 IP ? 
192.168.o.1 is misspelled version of in which users get confused with zero, and the alphabet “o” results in no loading or a blank page error. Therefore, always make sure that you are using the correct version !
  •  How can I factory reset my router ? 
Resetting your router will revert all modified changes to the factory ones, including your SSID name, password, and default admin panel credentials. To reset the router, hold the reset button present at the back of the router with a sim ejector tool. The lights on routers will start blinking, and the router will reboot and reset !
  •  Why my router’s admin login page is not loading ? 
If you see a blank page or face a not loading error while accessing the admin login page, there might be a chance that you are trying to log in using the wrong gateway address. Ensure that you are connected to the wifi and not on mobile data if logging in using a mobile device !
  •  How can I change my wifi SSID name & password ? 
To manage the wifi SSID settings, navigate to the wireless settings section. Rename the wifi name in the network name (SSID) field. To change the password, modify the existing password from the password field !
  •  How to change default router’s admin login IP address ? 
Navigate to the private LAN settings in the basic settings section of the router. Edit the default private LAN IP address to your desired IP address. This will require a reboot, and you will be able to login into the router’s admin using the new IP !
  •  How to change default router’s admin username & password ? 
To edit the existing router’s admin login credentials, navigate to the admin settings in the router’s admin panel. Edit the default username field and change the password by entering the new password. Not all router brands allow changing the default username, but you can always change the password !
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